Elasticia release plan 18-21 October 2019

Publiceringsdatum: Sep 30, 2019 6:38:54 AM

Dear customers,

Please find attached the release plan for the upcoming upgrade weekend, 18-21 October 2019.


    • Protocol changes apply, meaning all integrated systems need to be updated in order to continue working.

    • All parties must test and verify their systems.

    • No later than October 9 (next Wednesday)

      • All participants must supply support@ngm.se with contact information for the upgrade weekend:

        • Contact name/group

        • Telephone number

        • E-mail address

      • All participants must confirm successful testing of their systems to support@ngm.se

    • On Saturday 19 October it is mandatory for all participants to contact support@ngm.se with information on the outcome of their own upgrades.

Best regards

The Support Team