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FIX Protocol and associated documents

The NGM FIX protocol is the main protocol for communicating with the NGM/Spotlight and BX trading systems. FAST encoding is used exclusively, meaning that the traditional ASCII encoding ("Tag=Value") is not supported. The following standard protocols are used:

  • FIX 5.0 Service Pack 2 for application level messages

  • FIX session protocol FIXT 1.1 for maintaining FIX sessions

  • FAST 1.1 (FIX Adapted for STreaming) for encoding of FIX messages

  • FAST SCP 1.1 (Session Control Protocol), level 2 (hello, alert and reset messages) for managing FAST sessions

  • TCP is used as the underlying reliable transport protocol

Notes about our implementation of FAST:

    • Blocks are being used [Fast 1.1, Section 10 - Transfer Encoding]; plain messages are not supported

    • BlockSize must be fixed size (4-byte overlong unsigned integer); shorter unsigned integer is not supported

    • Only one message per block

Two types of services are offered to the user, and message filtering allows for limiting which messages can be sent or will be received on a service. The services are:

  • Private service for order/quote management, order status, and trade reporting

  • Public service for market data updates and reference data

Release cycles

Elasticia is normally released one two two times a year. New roll-outs to production are announced 3 months ahead.

Note! NGM/Spotlight and BX Swiss may not always use the exact same versions of the protocols at all times. The systems can have different release cycles. Furthermore, the market model differs; for the BX market model, please contact BX directly.

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