Order Record Keeping (ORK)

This page contains information on the Order Record Keeping for NGM and Spotlight


    • For information on the information to supply in the NGM FIX protocol for orders and quotes, please refer to Appendix A.3 in the NGM FIX Specification and Appendix D in the Market Model. The latest versions of both documents are found here: NGM FIX Protocol.

General reporting behavior

    • It is only allowed to use one short code for a unique person/algo/legal entity.

    • It is not advisable to provide the whole universe of short code mappings, if you do, issue tracking and support will suffer.

    • It is advisable to only supply the delta of missing short codes.

      • It is possible to send an empty report and look for the short codes missing in the corresponding status-file in order to get the missing short code mappings.

    • Do not use the production system for testing!

Instructions in case of wrong identifier type / PartyRoleQualifier in an order

In case an order has got the wrong PartyRoleQualifier (in the ORK reporting called identifier type) set, then the following should be done:

    1. Send an e-mail to support@ngm.se describing the error. The information should at least contain the following

      1. The short code used and the PartyRoleQualifier used

      2. During which period of time the wrong short code/PartyRoleQualifier was used

      3. Which short code and PartyRoleQualifier that it should have been instead

    2. Report in the ORK the short code + identifier type that is the correct one.

Until we have rolled out changes to enable a correction internally in the NGM ORK system for the above, the report in step 2 above will still be rejected saying that the short code + identifier type that was given in the order is missing. This particular error could be ignored as it will be fixed once we have rolled out the changes to enable the correction. You should still deal with and correct other errors reported in the status file (would there be any).